I’m cheating…

I will admit it. I kind of cheated on my workout today.

My “Run,” aka my “Walk briskly” session, was slightly cut short.

I walked to school with my son and walked home, so I walked a little over 2 miles. (My workout was suppose to be 3.17 miles today.) However, when I got home I had to shower and prepare for an interview. Since I am trying to build my own advertising/writing/social media company, I am taking in internships until I feel I have the experience to do that. (I currently train dogs in-home part-time for someone else, and while the pay is good, the hours are not there. However, it is a job I love and that I’m great at, and the part-time hours allow me to begin building my business! Win-win!)

Since I have gotten home from the interview, I have been doing other chores and things, plus it has been raining all dang day. I really haven’t had much of an opportunity to walk around outside anymore. 😦

So, what I’ll do is wait until my son goes to sleep and then workout to my Jillian Michael’s DVDs that I’ve had since Christmas 2014 that I haven’t utilized… 

I mentioned in a past post that I just started living in a house last July, and that I have been fixing it up in my spare time ever since. Yes, that’s a long time to not use the DVDs, but that is my excuse. Working on a house is hard work, and it takes up a to of time! Plus, I had school obligations from August through December (when I graduated), and I was taking 15 credit hours! That’s another excuse.

Well, I know you’re asking, “What about the time from Christmas two years ago to July of 2015? Why didn’t you use them then?” (Haha!)

I had a short month break where I did workout to these DVDs. However, my super duper loving downstairs neighbors wanted to let me know how they felt about that with a broom or fist to the ceiling the entire time. Then I had school, work, and searching for a house.

So, I have been too busy to utilize them.

(Which is an excuse.) 

Always make the time for what is important to you.

This is what I’ll be doing now!


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