Tomorrow is a school day… and I temporarily joined Gold’s Gym!

And I am worried.

I have his schedule finished, and today I tried implementing it. It didn’t go exactly according to plan… I stayed up too late finishing it, putting each time into my phone’s alarms, and stayed up past my bedtime in the process! However, even though I woke up a little late, I still stuck to the schedule as much as I could. It ended very well!

Note: Each time on this schedule shows what should be completed by that time!

This is what his schedule is during the week:

  • 6:45am: Wake up.
  • 7:20am: Must have eaten breakfast, changed clothes, and have backpack ready.
  • 7:25am: Time to walk to school.
  • 5:30pm: Time to leave from daycare at school (at the latest; depends on my work schedule if I get him earlier).
  • 6:00pm: Dinner.
  • 6:30pm: Homework. If no homework, then free time or sports!
  • 7:40pm: Bath time.
  • 8:10pm: Book time.
  • 8:40pm: 5 minute free time.
  • 8:45pm: Bed time.

We literally had no solid schedule before.

Now, alarms seem to constantly go off… But it’s a great help for me to remember what to do, also, because I have ADHD as well!

…Did you notice anything about that schedule in particular?

Let me draw your attention to the activity occurring at 7:25am.

Yes, I am making my son walk to school every day!

We live a little over a mile from the school. It’s so close, and it’s finally warm, I felt like this would be the perfect solution for him to burn off some energy, for myself to get some exercise, and for the dog to get some exercise as well.

I did this today, and even though he didn’t have school today it made him so much more compliant and in control of his body!

…It could be because he had to walk to and from school, which is a little over 2 miles of walking. 😉


Tomorrow is the true test! We shall see how this goes!

Also, I wanted to mention something directly related to this… This is his new schedule for the Saturdays that I have him (since he goes to his dad’s sometimes):

  • 8:00am: Wake up.
  • 8:30am: Eat breakfast and change clothes.
  • 9:00am: Go hiking (3.17 miles) with the dog.
  • 12:00pm: Homework and/or study.

Saturdays are going to be not as structured as during the week, because he is only with me every other Saturday, and every Saturday is very different. Plus, he earns the freedom he gets on the weekends. However, if he shows me that he is doing better during the week and acts up on the Saturdays that he’s with me then I will structure his Saturdays moreI don’t think that he will, because he’ll be walking three times as far as he does during the week, but he may. Only time will tell!

True to ADHD form, I forgot to mention something!

I previously mentioned that I was going to do trial memberships at several gyms for several different reasons.

A fellow out-of-shape friend and I decided to get a trial membership at Gold’s Gym this past Saturday. It was about 8:30pm at night when we decided to do this, and luckily this gym is open until 11pm on Saturdays. She and I quickly and easily went in and signed up for the trial version right away. No credit cards, nothing! Just our driver’s licenses and boom, we were in!

Right away, when checked out the Cardio Theatre. We both love it! I took the bike since I had already done several miles of hiking that day and wanted to sit down. She took an elliptical. We both watched “Driven” for about 30 minutes before she was pretty exhausted and I was wanting to do some weight lifting.

It had been many years since I lifted weights. I didn’t do a ton of heavy weight lifting, as I mostly had the weights set between 15 and 50, but I focused on reps. I didn’t really focus on my arms a whole lot. We were there for about an hour and a half when we decided to go. However, a lot of our time was spent walking around and scoping out which machines we wanted to use, as well as figuring out how to use them.

I took note that there was a pretty awesome-looking kid’s area, and I mentioned that to my friend. She said she would come with me that Monday, since that Sunday would be Easter (we got jipped on our 3 days, which is definitely our faults).

The crowd at the day and time we went was basically nothing… Maybe 10 or less mostly very ripped guys in their 20s and 30s.

Fast forward to two days later, which is today:

I told this friend that my son and I would meet her at the gym at 9am. I failed and didn’t get there until 10am. I did tell her we were running behind, but we ended up getting there as soon as she was leaving! I put my son in the kid’s club area, and went straight to the weight machines since we had just walked 2 miles.

I figured out that my legs are in pretty good shape for being out of shape, and I can do many reps with them without tiring too much. My back and abs need a little work. However, my arms are incredibly weak. The most memorable moment for me was doing my reps of 20 on this arm machine at 5lbs. I had to rest for about a minute in between reps because my arms burned so badly. That’s the great thing about weight machines: You can definitely figure out pretty quickly where you need to improve.

When I went to get my son from the kid’s club an hour later, he was having a blast! I did worry the whole time, as he can be quite a handful, but I got no complaints about him! It is difficult to maintain my son’s attention for an entire hour, but this kid’s club totally had him in love!

I really think highly of Gold’s Gym. There were some other things that I never got to use, like the lap pool and classes. I think I may be joining Gold’s Gym in the future, as I’ve always heard great things about them and they have very clean equipment (they have several different sprays of cleaner around the facility that apparently people use all the time. I liked having the option to quickly clean the machines with paper towels that I could just throw away!).


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