New beginnings.

“New beginnings.”

That’s the name of this week’s exercise program on the S Health app. It’s also what I’ve done.

Today I went shopping with a ton of Kohl’s Cash that I had accumulated. I bought several pairs of workout pants and shirts that I will use as workout shirts. After all, if you want to be taken seriously you have to be serious about the part.

I am the kind of person who wants to feel good, and the kind of workout clothes that inspire me are the kind that feel good on your skin… Spandex is my best friend!

I am not at all superficial–in fact, many of my friends tell me that I’m too honest–but I also need to look good to feel good. I don’t want to wear my ugly, old, stretched out and stained previously-used-for-working-out-in-high-school clothes that I paint and seal things in, nor do I want to wear my nice clothes that I save for going out and interning (when I use to intern).

So yeah, I spent about $100 worth. And I think it’s going to be very much worth it, plus it will motivate me to want to workout more! My rear looks pretty phenomenal in spandex, not even gonna lie!

I also walked “briskly”–that never is not funny to me! :)–for 3.47 miles.

I have to admit that when my program says “Run so-and-so mi” that it’s a bit misleading to instead only have me “walk briskly.” But I digress. 😉

Also! I wanted to mention that my son being kicked out prompted me to call a trusted children’s hospital and mention medication and possibly seeking it. I got their answering machine, and they called me back several hours later. This actually happened yesterday… But I haven’t called them back.


I want to medicate my son as a last resort.

People have mentioned it to me so much throughout the years like a broken record, and I always know when it will be mentioned. However, I think that it is recommended far too often. I also think it’s scary that children so young are on things like stimulants. I don’t want my son to get hooked on stimulants and possibly other drugs as his parents–*cough, cough* myself and my ex–have addiction in the bloodlines. Plus, I worry that it may cause some adverse consequences. You can never be too careful.

I am not refusing to medicate, but I really do want to exhaust every other resource first.

So, what I am thinking is that I will actually write a strict schedule that my son has to stick to. I will incorporate daily exercise in that schedule, but I will really have to think this one through.


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