Today, I will kick my son’s butt.

After having a day of chores yesterday–my son, not me!–I decided that I was going to make my son go hiking with me… Not only for fun, but because I want to kick his butt!

Of course, we would be bringing our lovely dog, Kiki.

Before this adventure I made sure we got a few things in advance:

  • A collapsible dog bowl
    • For water on the go! Dogs don’t sweat to cool down: They drink water! This puppy is out of shape, and I wanted to err on the side of caution.81fu3dhqltl-_sl1500_We got it here.

      Years ago when I use to hike and walk frequently with my dog I had used a “waterproof fabric” bowl. I don’t like those because they stay wet for quite a while and harbor bacteria easily. Plus, who wants to carry around something wet and slimy for an hour or more?! Not me! That’s the main reason I opted for this style.

      I really like this bowl as it clips to her backpack when the pockets are full, is collapsible and doesn’t take up much space, is lightweight, is dishwasher safe (top rack only!), and comes in different sizes and a ton of awesome colors! We–I–like pink, so we got a pink one to coordinate with all of her other pink belongings.

  • A dog backpack
    • It is awesome! It has two large pockets that can hold a water bottle in each, my car keys, and my phone with room to spare.91gsvguasml-_sl1500_
      The thing I like about it the most is that makes both my son and I backpack-free and able to enjoy the walk to the fullest… Plus, my son tires out sometimes and I need to give him a piggyback ride. Can’t exactly do that while wearing a backpack. Plus, I don’t like having that backpack sweat thing going on, either. This thing solves all those problems!I like putting two water bottles in this pack–one on each side–so that my dog also gets a balanced workout. Get it? I’ll be here all day.

      I got this backpack here.

  • Poo bags
    • Don’t be that neighbor. You know, the one that lets their dog poop on everyone’s lawn. You hate that person. Don’t be that person.Because I’m on a very tight budget right now, and because I just dropped money on this other stuff, I decided that instead of buying baggies, I’ll just reuse the grocery store plastic bags (sans holes, of course! Yuck!). In the future, I do plan on buying these.91ul3elx3sl-_sl1500_


      1. I would rather use something that is biodegradable, because I love the Earth.

      2. I would rather use something that has a scent so I don’t smell poo when I am walking/running/hiking.

      3. I would rather have something nice and tidy then bunched up and ugly. (Inner OCD is coming out).

      4. What if you run out of shopping bags?

      5. What if you forget to check your chosen shopping bag… and it has holes?! (The horror!)

  • An updated name tag
    • A no-brainer. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner… Our dog is microchipped, but not everyone who finds a dog is smart, or willing, enough to go get the dog scanned at a veterinarian’s office. Plus, a tag really lets it be known that this dog does have a happy, loving home (people are less likely to steal a dog that they find if it has identification).61yyt-j1szl-_sl1000_We got a heart one (like the Rosie one), and we got the tag here. So much cheaper this way!
  • Flea and tick spray
    • She’s on a monthly flea pill, but it doesn’t protect against ticks. Plus, the extra help against is always appreciated, as I would rather her not get bitten for any new fleas to die!61tdishyyol-_sl1500_This spray works very well, and we haven’t had any problems! Advantage is a company I have trusted for many years. I spray this on my pup before we head out on trails now! I purchased this spray here.

Just so you know, I already have had this for a few years, but this is the only thing that stopped my 40 pound dog from dragging my son (and myself!) around:


The greatest thing about buying this harness online is that it is basically half the price that pet stores charge! I literally tried every readily-available harness, collar, and solution on my dog, and this is the only thing that I was able to put on her that prevented her from yanking my arm out of my socket at random. I am a dog trainer. That is saying a whole lot! Besides that, the greatest part about this harness is that it doesn’t hurt my dog and does not pull on her neck!

As you can tell, I love ordering off Amazon! I have an Amazon Prime account, and I highly recommend getting one because you get free 2 day shipping (plus all kinds of other great stuff)! Get a free 30 day trial of Prime on me by clicking here! 


Anyway, we hiked a little over 3 miles–and yes, I logged it into the S Health app. (It’s pretty obvious I love this app, isn’t it?! It’s the ADHD and loving the fact that I’m sticking with exercising and am able to track my progress!)

Well, for the first time, the program included jogging “at a comfortable pace.” It’s hard to do that when your son can’t do 4 reps, plus when you’re going up hill on a rocky trail. So, we actually did only 2 reps, but we did walk the entire time. 🙂

The result was a very worn out boy who no longer wants to act “poorly” at school… So he says.

His dad just picked him up for the weekend, so now I get a little free time!


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