Day “4”

Okay, so I forgot to record this on the app, but I did do my workout… I took my dog walking the same distance as my original workout on “Day 2.” That means I know that I did get the 3.19 miles in.

Anyway, it went fine, and I’m feeling stronger than ever!

What I failed to mention in my last post was that I had made the decision that I was going to begin trying out gyms for a few reasons.

  1. I get to give honest reviews of the gyms.
  2. I get to workout.
  3. I get to see where I am physically.
  4. I get to see if I want to eventually join those gyms.

I discovered that Gold’s Gym does a 3 day trial, the UFC Gym does a 5 day trial, and Club Fitness does a 7 day trial. I plan on doing trials at a few other gyms, including Planet Fitness and any other local ones that I can find. But I am just in the planning stages.

As much as I would have liked to try one of them out tonight, I am just too sore. My son is at his father’s house tonight, and I would like a little free time to be social while I have it! I work tomorrow, and the night is still young!

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