I have been thinking a lot about what this blog will be about, because as readers, people want to read about their interests and not usually just random things. I have decided that this blog will be about my struggle as the mother of a child with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder to be able to get in shape and stay healthy–and sane! It will feature workout strategies I used–successfully and perhaps unsuccessfully–and maybe I will even share parenting strategies that have worked–or not.

Anyway, this app I mentioned in my last blog post (“Day 2”) has been incredibly helpful! It is perfectly informative, yet obnoxious enough that you can’t ignore it, but not as obnoxious as Snapchat or Facebook notifications. Okay, it really isn’t terribly obnoxious at all, but it’s more like someone tapping you on the shoulder each time you’re suppose to do something. I really like it, and I recommend it if you’re constantly in a whirlwind of daily activities (like myself). I promise it will help by reminding you, which is half the battle! It will also help to motivate you if you are the slightly OCD type or if you’re the type who needs to be told to do something (“extrinsically motivated”).

I worked all day on Thursday, so I couldn’t work out that day. I mean, I probably could have after work and when my son went to bed, but my energy was zapped.

That brings me to today.

Initially, as I probably mentioned in my first post, the S Health app requires you to choose 3 workout days. Mine correspond with my current days off, which is Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. (Yes, I am a single mommy working part-time. And yes, I get by.)

So, today, I “briskly” walked my dog 3.19 miles.

Again, I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I switched to the “First Attempt at 10k” choice on the S Health app. I think instead of beginning to run like a seasoned runner and risk further permanently injuring my body that I would take it slow so that I’m conditioned for the long run. I plan on getting and staying in shape and never looking back!

Anyway, back to the point I was making earlier: I walked my dog… and I am super thankful that I slowed down on the training, because I was incredibly sore from the running I did a few days before. And not a good kind of muscle sore. It was a “I think I re-injured my growth plate injury and may have injured my ankle” kind of sore.

Note to self: train for the long haul, not for quick results. I would love to be “bikini ready” now, but I value my body and do not want to be in severe long-term pain ever again. (That being said, my hip injury from high school does hurt on some really rainy days.)

I took the walk (with my dog, of course!) in the afternoon. I wanted to complete this “workout” while my son was in school so that I could focus on my body and any possible injuries… And because I didn’t think that my son could, or would, walk 3.19 miles.

The walk I took was nice. I am definitely an outdoorsy kind of person, but it really let me appreciate the gorgeous sky and the trees that were beginning to bud. It was like being back in high school, when all I had to worry about sometimes was how I was feeling in the moment. It also reminded me of high school because I was on the cross-country team back then. 😉 I love nostalgia!

My dog and I were both worn out when we got home. That’s a good kind of sore. 🙂

I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

‘Til then!


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