Day 2


I am starting this blog on Day 2 because this implies that I made it past “Day 1.” However, Day 1 was last Saturday. Being that today is Wednesday, this may seem confusing. Allow me to explain.

Last Saturday I decided I wanted to be serious about getting in shape again.

In high school–a very important topic here in St. Louis ūüėČ –I was a distance runner. I ran Varsity times my freshmen year in both cross country and track. I could have been looking at full-ride scholarships if I kept getting better. Back then, I was in pretty good shape and had great endurance. My endurance was so good that I never stopped running, even if my lungs felt like they were going to explode. I ran through shin splints and even a fractured growth plate in my hip.

I fractured a growth plate in my hip during a run my freshmen year. That is a very serious injury. Even as a 14 year old teenage girl, I sought physical fitness as a means to escape from reality and to better myself and to calm my ADHD. As you know, teenage girls also deal with overwhelming amounts of hormones. To say that I was angry and upset is an understatement.

Ever since then, my lifestyle changed. Running and other cardio exercise was one of the only things that truly helped me, aside from writing. Writing helped me to express myself and to understand my emotions and feelings, but running took away the “edge.”

For months, I was essentially crippled. I couldn’t run correctly. I couldn’t even walk correctly. I walked around with a limp. I’m pretty sure that this was the time in my life I picked up the nickname “Audrizzle” because I walked “like a gangster.”

Even though I could have hung out with friends after school, I instead went to the physical therapy room at school every day to soak in a large tank of ice water. Yes, literally, a huge tank of ice water up to my belly button. Afterward, I¬†used heating pads and/or Icey Hot. Then I¬†stretched. I continued to workout in the weight room. I even tried jogging. I begged my coaches for months to let me try to run again. However, I continued to hop as I jogged. I just couldn’t physically handle it.

I started doing things that I would never have done before. I had been around cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, but I had the self-esteem to refuse these things. Now, in my hopeless teenage state, it seemed like an acceptable option because my body was “broken.”

My life basically began to spiral out of control.

I started living a life that I never imagined I would. I  almost dropped out of school my senior year of high school (mainly because of the death of a close friend).

After high school, I began helping myself change a little. I had a job that required me to be on my feet 8 hours a day, mostly being pulled around by dogs of various sizes. I got in great physical shape, but I was heavily smoking cigarettes and weed. If I tried running, I would cough and could not stop coughing. So while I looked like I was in shape, I would say that if I tried to do any races or hiking, it was not something that would be possible.

During this time, I was dating a guy who was wrong for me. He was verbally and mentally abusive. He was also very immature. I began turning my life around and started thinking about going to college. During the time I was with him I started taking a course at the local community college to prepare myself for full-time college. I passed the difficult course, an this convinced me to enroll full-time at a full-time college. 

Because my at-the-time boyfriend was abusive and distracting, and because the college was about 40 minutes from the place we both lived, I decided I would live on campus. This gave me the freedom to get away and think.

Because I really love cardio, and because physical education is a requirement at some colleges, I decided to take an aerobics class in addition to the other classes I would be taking.

I flourished at cardio. I argue that I was even better than the instructor at it. I am not a morning person, but I would wake up early two days a week to sweat my butt off.

My now-ex¬†and¬†I were together¬†for a year about a month after being enrolled in this college. By being away from him, I was able to concentrate on myself and my future. I was also able to develop healthy friendships and “saw the light” again. I decided that I was going to be leaving him. I wanted to tell him in person, and I wanted to do this tactfully, because a lot of my belongings were still at his house. Plus, I was genuinely afraid of him. I didn’t want any backlash.

The week I was going to leave him, I was in aerobics class and was doing crunches. But as I began doing them I felt nauseated. I stopped for a moment, caught my breath, and tried again. Intense nausea. I took it easy the rest of the class.

Later on that day, I was in the cafeteria and every smell sent me into a gagging fit. I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t eat.

I dismissed it as getting sick. However, I noticed that throughout the next few days that each time I smelled food, especially the bacon one of my three roommates made each morning, my body forced me to open my window all the way. In the middle of February. In the Midwest.

I told the roommate who shared my bathroom–we had two bathrooms since we had four roommates–that I was thinking about getting a pregnancy test. She said she had one on her. I didn’t think anything of it until I took the test.

I was pregnant.

I retreated to my room and cried for hours after thanking her.

Long story short, I tried working it out with the father. But, he¬†started becoming physically abusive when I was pregnant. It wasn’t safe for me after another 2 years, but I stayed that long so that I could make sure he wouldn’t harm our child but so that our child could still see his father.

I moved in with my mother and saved up my money for a few years so that I could get my own apartment. I raised my son by myself (with the help of my mother and grandmother when I had to work or go to college).

My son’s father has dodged child support orders every few months by switching where he lives or works, and he has worked under the table.

My son has struggled with his ADHD, ODD, and SPD. He was not diagnosed until last year, and he is 7 years old. He has gotten kicked out of 3 daycares and almost was expelled from kindergarten. I will not go into detail on this just yet, but I am sure I will because we deal with this daily. He just got an IEP two weeks ago.

The energy it takes to make sure that he gets himself ready for school and bathtime and that he does his homework is draining in itself. He struggles with reading, spelling, and writing, as well as with focusing. Being that he is a boy, he is 7, and that he has ADHD means that the kid is like a cocaine-filled battery… he just goes and goes non-stop!

This past December I graduated college with honors, a degree, and four minors.

As you can see, the past 8 years or so have been incredibly busy for me, and this doesn’t include the fact that I worked–and usually interned at another workplace–while doing all of this. It didn’t leave much time for exercising.

So, I figure, now that I have graduated, and it is warm enough to comfortably exercise most of the time, that I have some time to begin exercising.

A main reason I began thinking about exercising is because I miss the active life I use to have. I am also preparing for a race that I won a ticket for–a caption contest, because I am just so witty. ūüėČ

Which brings me back to this blog post title…

This is “Day 2.”

Nowadays, we have so many more options to workout and keep ourselves motivated. I discovered that the S Health app on my Android phone is pretty great!

I used it for “Day 1” by programming a 10k training for myself. It programs it for 3 days a week. I just happen to have Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays off, so I programmed it for that.

Keep in mind, I haven’t really run distance in about 12 years…

I listened to the app as I was running, and the woman’s voice will tell you to speed up or slow your pace. She’ll also tell you how long you have left to go until your workout and your cool down exercise.

I leashed up my dog and took off.

After I ran a little over 3 miles, my right hip began hurting so badly that I was limping–keep in mind what I mentioned earlier about my growth plate injury in high school–and my left foot was hurting. My lungs and “organs” felt fine! I could have kept going! Thankfully, the woman told me that it was time for my cool down walk, so I soaked in that walk.

When I got home from my run, I asked my mom, whom is a marathon runner, what I should have done differently. She said you’re only suppose to increase your distance by 10% each week.

The 10k mud run that I’m preparing for doesn’t necessarily allow for slower progress.

Today, “Day 2,” is the first day that my legs don’t feel like jello. I don’t feel like my left foot and right leg will break off today. As much as I am craving to listen to my 10k training program and go on a 3 mile run–have you ever felt runner’s high?!–I think I will instead switch to the “Baby Steps to 5k” program and do some aerobics.

I did not mention that I am planning on doing aerobics as well, did I?

I have a¬†Jillian Michael’s DVD set that I got two Christmases ago that I have barely put to use because of all the things I mentioned earlier. I plan on doing those exercises as well.

I am not yet modifying my diet, because my diet is inconsistent as it is… meaning I eat when I can and eat what I can. I know, bad me, but I’m doing what I can to stay motivated! I really love pizza, beer, and wine… What can I say?

I plan on using this blog to help motivate other busy woman (and maybe even some men!) who are busy like myself.

I have a few other “mommy friends” who are interested in joining with me. I would like to create YouTube videos on working out, and to maybe even create some sort of team that challenges and motivates each person. The reason I feel like doing it this way is best is because all of my best friends–the “mommy friends” I mentioned earlier–are all far apart. One friend lives 45 minutes east of me, one friend lives 45 minutes west of me, and the others are spread out in this radius. All of them have known struggles and have not had time, energy, and/or motivation to exercise consistently. I’ll keep you updated!

So, now that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time writing this and giving you the background info on why I’m doing this, I am going to do my exercising for “Day 2!”

Just for reference, I paused the “Run 10k” program for now, and I am instead using the “First attempt at a 10k” as it will allow me to work more slowly toward a 10k. It still promises that by the end of the program–which is 10 weeks and literally ends the day of the mud race I plan on running in–that I will be able to run a 10k!

I will update later. But now, I’ve got some work to do! ūüôā

— 1 hour later —

I am¬†so glad I modified the program! Instead of running 3-something miles, I walked it. I am not hurting after my workout, and I am inspired to walk longer! …But I won’t right now, because I have some projects to attend to! (I also have a DIY blog that features some of my bigger projects I’ve done with my house. You can see that here!)

Also, I just got a call from the school saying that my son bit someone at recess. -_- I think I’ll be making a blog about our journey as well.

All in a day’s work…

At least I burned 333 calories and had a great walk with my dog in beautiful weather!


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